Lance Service & Warranty Repairs

Pro Trucks Plus prides itself in being a Lance exclusive dealership. All of our focus is on Lance camper and trailers and Lance accessory servicing and installations. We are also a Torklift certified dealer and are fully able to handle all your Lance truck camper install needs.

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Ruben Alva, Pro Trucks Plus Service Department Manager, formally worked as the service manager for Bonessa Brothers RV in Gilroy, California, and has over 25 years’ experience specifically with Lance Campers, having started there in 1974. If there is an issue you are having with your Lance camper or trailer, there is a good chance Ruben has been there and done that.

Email Ruben for all your Lance camper or trailer warranty repairs and service needs. Please include your purchase date and VIN (six digit number for campers or last 6 numbers of the VIN for trailers) if you have it readily available, so when we call to set an appointment for you, we have your information ready.

We are happy to help!

Service Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

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